Tips for Buying Stylish Mag Wheels In Brisbane

Most new cars and 4WDs come with steel wheels because they’re cheaper, but many car makers are recognizing customers’ demand for mags—and they’re either fitting them to new cars or offering them as a cost-added upgrade. Read on to learn how mag wheels Brisbane can improve various characteristics of your vehicle.


Decreased Unsprung Weight

The biggest positive of mags is that they lower the wheels’ unsprung weight. Here, “unsprung weight” covers everything connected to the car’s wheels, and it includes the tyre, the wheel, brake parts, bearings, spindles, and parts of the suspension. Unsprung weight should be kept low to maintain contact with the surface of the road. By cutting weight, suspension components can react to road imperfections quickly, and traction is kept.

Other Weighty Factors

One thing you should keep in mind is that wheels are moving parts and they build inertia—so weight is more important here than it would be with stationary parts such as axles. The heavier a part is, the more effort is required to speed it up and slow it down. By using mag wheels Brisbane, you can lower the energy required to start and stop. The vehicle’s overall weight will be lowered, resulting in improvements in fuel economy, braking and acceleration.

Brake Parts Performance

As said previously, reduced vehicle and wheel weight can help brakes do their job better—but weight isn’t the only factor. Mags can dissipate brake heat more effectively than steelies, due to their composition and construction. Mags have additional slots that allow air to flow over larger surface areas. With increased brake performance, you’ll have a lower chance of brake failure and your brakes will last longer.

Tyre Choices

By choosing mag wheels Brisbane, you’ll enjoy greater choices in tyre fitment; you can buy falken tyres low-profile or wider tyres to change the look and characteristics of your vehicle. These tyres carry certain benefits, such as increased steering response, better cornering, less rolling resistance and fuel consumption, and better stability when braking.

Disadvantages of Mag Wheels in Brisbane

Mags and alloys have tremendous advantages, but there are still downsides to consider. These wheels must be washed regularly to keep their shiny finish, and you’ll have to be picky when selecting cleaners as certain chemicals can damage the coating.

You’ll have to park more carefully as well—after all, it doesn’t make much sense to spend hundreds on alloys only to damage them by hitting a curb. Ride comfort may be diminished, especially if you’re using low-profile tyres as well.

There are many reasons to buy mags for your car or 4WD. The initial investment may be high, but depending on your choice, you may end up saving in the long term due to better fuel economy and longer brake life. However, if you’re considering such a purchase, it’s likely that you want to show your wheels off to your best mates. The information given here can help you make the right choice, and it can help you justify the purchase.