What Are 4×4 Wheels and What Are Its Advantages?

When you are planning to buy a car, you will be flooded with tons of information – some of which are useful, while most of which would be waste. You will come across terms like torque, fuel consumption, engine capacity, differential, 4×4 wheels and many techier terms, that you could care less about.

Some of these terms will be easy to understand and self-explanatory, whereas some terms will require you to have some technical know-how of how a car works. For example – 4×4 Wheels?

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Now, what do you understand by the term 4×4 Wheels?

In simple terminology, 4×4 Wheels means that the car receives power to all 4 wheels at the same time, instead of just two wheels (standard cars). If you still do not understand, it is fine. We will be getting into the depths of 4×4 Wheels in the article.

There are three ways in which a car may work:

  • Power goes to the front two wheels and it pulls the car along
  • Power goes to the back two wheels and it pushes the car along
  • Or, power goes to all the 4 wheels (4×4 Wheels) and the car moves along

Point number 1 and 2 are called 2×4 Wheel Drives, whereas point number 3, is called – you guessed it right – 4×4 drives.

As you may have already anticipated, the first number is used to denote the number of wheels that the car’s engine powers. Whereas the last number is used to denote the number of wheels the car has.

4×4 Wheel drives are mostly preferred for off-road driving because the equal allocation of power in all the wheels allows the car to be able to get it out of mud holes and cracks, without needing any push or pull assistance. Should the car ever find itself in trouble, it can use the set of “untroubled” wheels to push or pull its way out of the situation.

Added advantage of 4×4 Wheels:

With 4×4 Wheels, you are not dependent on a single pair of wheels to get traction. Your car grips the surface with a wider area of michelin tyres, which gives it more stability. Especially on slippery surface, you can pull the car away effortlessly with the extra set of powered wheels.

Another term that is frequented with the term 4×4 is “Torque.” Torque signifies the low down grunt power of a ride. A car with more torque will be better at pulling “heavy duty things” than a car, which has more HP (horsepower). Unlike Torque, which impacts the pulling capacity of a vehicle, Horsepower, impacts the top speed.

So, your decision to purchase a car will completely depend on the purpose you plan to use the car for. For city or town driving, you could do great with a 2×4 wheel drive. But, if you are planning to go on off-road expeditions or cross-country journeys – 4×4 wheels will be your best friend.

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